Leading 3D-printed food manufacturer, Rem3dy Health, is celebrating further business growth, after securing a deal that sees its pioneering nutrient stacks land on the shelves of Co-op stores nationwide. Nourished, which offers both personalised and pre-made stacks, now has six of its award-winning product lines stocked across Midcounties Co-op stores.

Offering customers a ‘grab-and-go health-kick’, the deal sees Nourished now available in 92 stores. With products promoting everything from increased energy, stress relief, and better sleep, this is a pioneering partnership between the retailer and manufacturer.

The six product lines taken on by Co-op are:
• Sleep Tight – shown to promote restful nights and rejuvenation
• Essentials – shown to support immunity, cognitive function, and energy
• Inner Peace – shown to support occasional stress relief and mood
• High Flyer – shown to support energy and immunity levels
• Energy – shown to enhance energy levels
• Shape Up – shown to support digestion and metabolism

Caroline Forsyth-Ball, Non-Food Buyer at The Midcounties Co-operative said:

“Nourished caught my eye at a Product Guru event. I was familiar with the brand after ordering personalised stacks direct to my home, but I was not aware of the great all-round range of stacks and single packs, which would be an ideal fit for a convenience, impulse purchase.

“Nourished responded to a very tight lead time request, offering a compelling range of products for store launch in January 2024… an amazing turnaround of 3 weeks! Nourished offers a unique and accessible way to provide nutrients and well-being on the go.”

The individual Nourished stacks are priced at £2.49 and provide customers with a taste of the personalised health brand, which has seen phenomenal global expansion over the past 12 months. In January, Rem3dy Health announced a new partnership with European pharmaceutical company, UPSA, seeing its products stocked in 12,000 pharmacies across France and Italy.

The deal, which also included UPSA’s investment in Birmingham-based Rem3dy Health, was the catalyst for further technological advancements for the pioneering manufacturer. Already boasting patented 3D printing technology, developed in-house, Rem3dy Health increased its production capacity by 30x alongside the UPSA partnership.

Melissa Snover, the founder and CEO of Rem3dy Health, comments:

“I’m delighted that six of our incredible products are now available in Midcounties Co-op stores. To have Nourished chosen by another leading retailer is a testament to the hard work of the team, and to the power of our industry-leading products.

For five years we have committed to continuous in-house testing and development, to ensure that we’re always ahead of the game when it comes to personalised health.

These UK and European listings join our recent move to Japan as signs of our global expansion plans. We remain focused on our ambition to disrupt the health industry and provide people across the world with ground-breaking, preventative nutritional solutions.”

Whilst Nourished’s pre-made ‘Life Stacks’ offer a taste of personalised nutrition, customers looking for a remedy uniquely tailored to their personal needs can visit the Nourished website to create their own 3D printed stacks.