A West Midlands business is searching for a charity partner for 2022, after raising thousands for children’s charity Barnardo’s in 2021.

Artisan pizza company Birtelli’s supported children’s charity Barnardo’s Christmas campaign Kidsmas, generating £5,000 and delivering early Christmas cheer to children and families supported by Barnardo’s.

Now the business is looking for a West Midlands-based charity which it will support through fundraising in 2022.

Jim Biryah, co-founder of Leamington Spa-based Birtelli’s which delivers pizza kits across the UK explains why fundraising for charities is a key part of the pizza company’s ethos.

He said: “We’re a new and growing business, but our mission is all about striving for a happier, better world.

“While we can bring moments of happiness and wellbeing to people’s homes with our pizzas and pizza kits, we’re committed to go beyond pizza and help make a tangible difference to the lives of vulnerable children and families or those who find themselves in need of a little support.

“Our partnership with Barnardo’s raised significant funds, that will make a huge difference to the lives of children and families the charity helps, and it’s made us determined to continue this work in 2022 and beyond.

“Now we’re looking for a new charity partner who we can support through fundraising and delivering moments of happiness to people’s lives.

“For 2022 we’re looking for a West Midlands-based charity, whose staff and the people they support, might also enjoy a pizza slice or two!

“We want to raise funds and provide support to help care for people, children and those who are less fortunate in our region.”

Birtelli’s two-month campaign with Barnardo’s included the delivery of home-grown produce-based pizza kits, including a special Christmas pizza, to help people and families spend time together, and enjoy the simple art of making and eating a pizza together.

Among those people who benefitted were staff and volunteers in the West Midlands who’ve worked tirelessly throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, young people in Warwickshire living with families under Barnardo’s Supported Lodgings Service, and an 11-year-old young carer who has spent most of her life helping care for her younger siblings.

Aoibheann Doherty, community fundraising manager at Barnardo’s said: “The partnership with Birtelli’s really helped with our annual Kidsmas campaign and we’re so grateful for the support.

“Christmas time can be a fantastic time for many children, but for some children living in poverty or living in social isolation it can bring many challenges.

“Birtelli’s helped us inject some joy into Christmas last year, for both the children we care for and as a thank you to our own colleagues and volunteers who have worked so hard over the last 18 months.”

The partnership with Barnardo’s was a first for Birtelli’s, but Jim hopes it’ll be the first of many charity affiliations.

Jim added: “We’re determined to continue making a positive impact across the region for people who need help the most.

“We know just how much fundraising helps people, which is why we’re already searching for our next charity partner.

“In 2022 we hope that we can put the pandemic firmly behind us and raise even more money for charities.”

Charities who are interested in partnering with Birtelli’s should [email protected].

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