An international network which is driving forward empathic healthcare across the world has staged its first ever meeting in Leicester.

The International Network for Empathy in Healthcare is made up of key empathic healthcare organisations and leaders from across the globe who are working together to encourage countries to put empathy at the heart of healthcare.

Representatives from throughout the UK, USA and Australia descended on Leicester on April 21 for the organisation’s first international meeting which was arranged by founding member, The Stoneygate Centre for Empathic Healthcare which is based at the University of Leicester.

Stoneygate Centre Director Professor Jeremy Howick said: “We were thrilled to spearhead this pivotal event which brought together leading experts from empathy centres from around the world.

“Empathy research, practice and teaching are thriving globally because healthcare professionals and educators are increasingly realising the importance of practising empathetically.

“Researchers have shown that it can improve patient outcomes, make their experience of healthcare better and also help healthcare professionals to cope with the pressures of fast-paced healthcare systems.

“Our first meeting was a huge step forward because it gave us the opportunity to learn from each other and share best practice so we can act as a catalyst for an international move towards more empathic healthcare.”

Organisations involved in the networking included The Empathy Initiative from Australia, The Empathy Project, NYU Langone Health and T Denny Sanford Institute for

Empathy and Compassion from the US and The Oxford Empathy Programme in the UK.

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