Love brownies? It’s time to fall in love with Bear’s Brownies, and their dreamy salted caramel brownies that will make your mouth water. 

Bear’s Brownies was launched in 2017 after the successful growth of its sister company Rachael’s Kitchen. Brownies are the perfect treat for autumn, and Bear’s uses great quality ingredients, including options for those who are gluten-free and vegan. Their Free From brownies are equally as good as the original recipes. 

Their caramel brownie boasts a chocolate fudge base, salted caramel layer, dark chocolate ganache topping, finished with crushed pretzels (it’s delicious). 

Another popular choice is the jammie dodger blondie, as well as the millionaires brownie which is finished with an edible gold leaf. 

Rachael says: “We LOVE developing new recipes. I’m working stollen blondie at the moment for our advent calendar, which really evokes a feeling of Christmas in our test kitchen. 

“It’s all about the complete gift for us – luxurious and great tasting, but also presented beautifully with options to personalise and give customers a great service. 

“Some customers order our brownies as treats for themselves, and others send them as gifts. When gifting, it’s so important that the gift reflects the sentiment of the gift-giver.” 

I love the warmth that is reflected back from customers when they enthuse about our brownies – there is nothing better than being told you are doing a great job and bringing happiness.

Bear’s Brownies offers a delivery date calendar giving the customer the option to select the date in advance. They didn’t want to simply create a brownie delivery service, as much love and attention goes into the customer experience as our brownies.

Reviews for Bear’s Brownies are outstanding. One customer said: “The salted caramel brownies are probably the most delicious brownies I have ever eaten…and, coming from a brownie fiend, that is high praise indeed! I was originally bought a box of these by a friend and they have since become my go-to ‘thank you’ / ‘thinking of you’ gift; so far my friends have also loved them! Thank you!!”

Currently, Bear’s are very busy in the kitchen with Christmas coming up, and they’re expecting great results with their brownie advent calendar… so watch this space.