Today, Attic Brew Co., one of Birmingham’s best loved breweries, proudly announces the launch of their ’Local Beer Here’ Campaign.

The initiative celebrates the experience of enjoying local beers over mass-produced beverages brewed miles away, by emphasising the unrivalled freshness found in every sip of their beers due to their locality. While many other beers in Birmingham’s bars can endure lengthy journeys from distant breweries, Attic Brew Co. takes pride in brewing just round the corner from where it’s served, ensuring an authentic taste of local craft.

“It’s not always clear where the beer in your glass comes from, with most major brands being produced hundreds of miles away” says Oli Hurlow, one of Attic’s founders.

“Drinking local beer is better for the environment and better for our communities. Our beers are all made in Birmingham, just round the corner from most of our customers.”

“You can find Attic beers, such as Intuition pale ale, Forward lager and Signals IPA across Birmingham and surrounding areas, so next time you’re at the pub, why not give a local beer a try?

If you want more information about how you can get involved with the campaign, head over to their website