Tech-for-good platform, WellGiving, and wellbeing consultants, Bodyshot Performance, have today announced their collaboration with leading media specialists, LC Interactive, to connect their global team of remote and hybrid workers.

WellGiving, a platform designed to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of staff through bespoke fitness challenges, while enabling them to raise money for charities, partnered earlier this year with award-winning wellbeing consultancy firm, Bodyshot Performance.

The wellbeing experts utilise cutting-edge technology and science-based solutions to create happy, healthy teams, and immediately saw the benefits the WellGiving platform could bring to LC Interactive in connecting their team, which operates across 16 countries worldwide.

LC Interactive now participate in regular monthly fitness challenges, with activities ranging from aerobics, canoeing and swimming, to ballet, yoga and even meditation. Each month, staff nominate a different charity, whether local or global, to raise money for, which to date have included causes such as Amnesty International, Angels Among Us Animal Rescue and the Southampton Hospital Charity.

Now in their 11th challenge, the current team of 21 athletes clock on average 20,000 minutes of exercise and activity per month, have already covered a distance of 8000 miles, and raised over £7,000 for charity. They are currently embarking on their next fitness challenge of 20,000 minutes in May which will raise money for the Ukraine charity efforts.

Speaking on their experience with the WellGiving platform, Ceri Riddett, People Experience Specialist of LC Interactive commented: “This has been a way for us to connect as a global team in real time, learn about each other’s passions and provide a common interest for us all to engage in no matter where we are, what the time difference is or what our favourite form of exercise might be. The ability to share pictures with each other and raise money for charities personally close to our hearts brings it all to life.”

Leanne Spencer, founder of Bodyshot Performance, confirmed: “Our partnership with WellGiving means we can address the universal challenge of connecting remote teams in a meaningful way which benefits both health and happiness, and in turn the health of the business.

“Our clients have loved the challenges, have seen significant increases in energy levels and enjoyed greater collaboration between their teams regardless of geographical location. It’s been wonderful to see so much money raised for charities too, further boosting the “feel-good” factor for everyone involved!”

Founder of WellGiving, Paul Rhodes, added: “We are delighted to be able to showcase the incredible work done by the LC Interactive team though our platform and Bodyshot.

“In creating the WellGiving platform, we wanted to help people connect with each other while providing a meaningful purpose and motivator in the form of charitable fundraising. To see our platform connect a team spread across the globe is incredibly satisfying, and we are proud to offer an effective communal hub that enables them to continue their amazing fitness and fundraising activities. I wish the entire LC Interactive team the very best of luck in their coming challenges!”

The WellGiving platform, officially launched in January 2022 following a successful beta phase, is on track to raise in excess of £1 million for charities across the UK and beyond, while continuing to help organisations improve the health and wellbeing of remote and hybrid workers.

Bodyshot Performance provide expert strategies and solutions to businesses who want to lead with wellbeing in their organisations. Their strategies have won awards for their clients, while helping businesses to attract and retain talent, and reach their wellbeing objectives.