National haulier BJS Haulage has invested in an integrated telematics and asset tracking solution to improve efficiency and security across its fleet of more than 100 articulated trucks and trailers.

The WEBFLEET fleet management system has been installed across the Wednesbury-based company’s entire HGV fleet, while asset trackers have been added to all curtain-side and box trailers.  WEBFLEET provides a real-time digital snapshot of the position of both vehicles and assets using a single interface.

Stand trailers are often provided to clients to load before being collected by BJS drivers. The BJS transport teams now have full visibility of every trailer location and all their movements, giving both client and BJS total peace of mind over valuable customer stock loads.

Alerts can also be set to highlight when they enter or leave specified geofenced areas or when any trailer motion is detected.

As well as improving security, the technology is also supporting more efficient workflow planning.

“Integrating our in-house trailer management system with WEBFLEET has allowed us to see at-a-glance where all our trailers are across our various depots and customer sites and is helping us to allocate resources much more efficiently,” explains BJS Haulage Operations Director, Amarat Gill.

WEBFLEET TachoShare Plus, which remotely downloads drivers’ cards every day (rather than manually in the depot after every shift) is also saving the company time and money by helping to keep the trucks on the road.  This automated functionality is proving especially valuable for vehicles which stay out all week.

The ruggedised WEBFLEET PRO 8 tablet, meanwhile, is being used by drivers to perform walk round vehicle safety checks before every journey, without having to use their own personal mobile.

The software integrates seamlessly with the company’s transport management system Mandata, allowing drivers to accept and complete jobs, using the PRO 8’s ‘sign on glass’ functionality.

“Missing assets, such as trailers and machinery, can be a significant and costly issue for the haulage industry,” commented Beverley Wise, UK Sales Director at Webfleet Solutions, “but WEBFLEET Asset Tracking offers full visibility over their position and usage, helping ensure they remain on the radar.”

BJS is currently also working on the development of a bespoke trailer app and barcode scanning which will eventually allow the company to screen all trailers and assign colour-coded status indicators (green for empty and red for loaded), to support the team in allocating empty trailers quickly and efficiently to drivers.

Debbie Aldridge, Director at system installers FMC Fleettrak added: “This is a great example of Webfleet’s connected vehicle tech in action, providing pragmatic, integrated solutions to some of the haulage industry’s key challenges.”