Complete body workout specialist Versaclimber UK is joining the next generation of interactive fitness machines with the launch of the new TS model.

The Versaclimber TS is the first in the range to be fitted with an interactive tablet screen, with accompanying app, which lets users monitor and track their performance, compete with others and view their progress over time.

The unit is wifi and bluetooth enabled, so that each individual user of a machine is able to use the tablet to log into their own account, view their workout results and compete with other users.

With a much larger screen, people are able to view more data about their workout more clearly. These include climb rate, percentage of personal best, stroke length, calories burned and heart rate — when linked to a heart monitor.

Neil Kelford, managing director at Versaclimber UK, said: “The fitness industry has seen the emergence of interactive workout technology in recent years, and the new TS model brings together those benefits with the unique benefits of the Versaclimber.

“The Covid pandemic pushed people to embrace working out at home, but that’s now a habit that will stay with many of them. The Versaclimber TS allows them to get the best from it and compete from their living rooms and home gyms.”

The TS has already had notable success in its home country of the US, which Versaclimber UK is now offering for both individuals and gyms in Britain.

The Versaclimber has been the most effective total body cardiovascular workout machine for 40 years, with its cross-crawl climbing action providing no-impact exercise for every muscle group and burning calories faster than any other method. It is also used by a number of high-profile figures including Sir Andy Murray, LeBron James and actor Tom Holland.

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