The Daventry-based leisure vehicle retail business, Venture Caravans, is proud to have been involved in getting a defibrillator and bleed control pack installed on the towpath at Watford Locks.

Together with Friends of Danetre Hospital and the Canal & River Trust, Venture Caravans have been successful in getting this vital medical equipment installed.

Located on the Grand Union Canal, directly behind Venture Caravan’s Daventry branch on the A5, the new defibrillator and bleed control pack will serve as emergency provisions for anyone in the vicinity of the canal.

Available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, this new equipment will ensure both canal users and Venture’s own team are equipped to respond to any emergency promptly and effectively.

Venture Caravan’s involvement in the donation of the defibrillator and bleed control pack comes after the company were approached by Mike Dex, one of the Canal & River Trust volunteers at Watford Locks. Mike and his fellow volunteer, John Carvell, were looking for donations and Venture Caravans was more than happy to assist with the donation needed to bring this vital kit to the canal.

Commenting on the installation of the defibrillator, Venture Caravans director, Dave Brown said the following: “Having been located adjacent to the canal since 1971, we didn’t have to think twice about getting involved in the donation of this life saving equipment. We know just how busy the canal gets and how much of a much-needed addition this is to the tow path. We would like to say a big thank you to the volunteers from the Canal & River Trust for their work in bringing this equipment to the area.”

The new defibrillator and bleed control pack can be found at Watford Lock 2 Watford Locks, Watling Street, Watford, NN6 7UJ

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