The Fleet Safety Academy has teamed up with telematics specialist Ctrack by Inseego to provide risk management guidance and support to fleet operators. Under the partnership, Ctrack’s customers will now be able to take advantage of a simple seven step Fleet Safety Programme that is proven to prevent collisions, reduce costs and ultimately save lives by better managing employees who drive on behalf of the business.

“Every week around 200 road deaths and serious accidents involve someone driving for work, but many businesses do not have the time or understanding required internally to address the fleet safety challenges they face,” explains James Wooldridge, Founder and Director of The Fleet Safety Academy. “In response, we have created a unique approach that brings together best practise processes from almost 30 years working in risk management, which is designed to suit any size and type of vehicle fleet in any sector.”

The Fleet Safety Academy provides an easy-to-follow programme, which enables businesses to plug the gaps in their risk management approach. The online management system has a suite of downloadable and editable policies, procedures and templates that can be adapted to individual fleet and driver requirements. The seven-step approach ensures that all essential actions have been taken in an appropriate manner, so any manager responsible for fleet safety and management can achieve clear time savings and measurable results.

“Most collisions are caused by the actions of the person behind the wheel and the vast majority are preventable, so having visibility of driver behaviour and then the ability to act on this information is crucial. We equip managers with a ‘done for you’ management programme, so they can engage with drivers to reduce incidents, insurance costs and maintenance, while better protecting their business, staff and other road users,” concludes Wooldridge.

“We will offer the Seven Step Fleet Safety Programme as an added-value service as part of our customer commitment, throughout the duration of the contract, to help maximise return on investment,” explains Steve Thomas, Managing Director of Ctrack by Inseego. “Our aim is to give fleet operators the tools and support they need, allowing then to make the most of the insight provided by their fleet telematics solution.”