The Direct Selling Association, members of which include leading retail brands Avon, Usborne Books, Oriflame and Ann Summers, has today announced a major rebrand as it expands its remit to encompass the full spectrum of D2C (Direct to Consumer) retail in the UK.

From today, membership of the Association, which was established in 1965, will be open to wider D2C retailers as well as affiliate marketing brands, in addition to its existing direct selling brand members, many of which are already making moves into broader D2C channels.

Susannah Schofield OBE, Director General of The Direct Selling Association says: “The Direct Selling Association was established in what was a trailblazing era of retail, led by early Direct-to-Consumer retail pioneers such as Tupperware and Avon.

“As the retail landscape continues to change and evolve, this legacy, combined with the considerable experience of our Board, means that the Direct Selling Association is uniquely placed to represent the full range of D2C retailers, and to be the voice of D2C retail in the UK.”

The Direct Selling Association currently has 50 members, which have a combined turnover of approximately £1 billion per annum and around 500,000 independent sales representatives or affiliates.

Ayo Olaseinde, Chair of the Direct Selling Association UK & Ireland and Global President, Saladmaster, says: “Today’s announcement reflects the Direct Selling Association’s continued commitment to remaining at the forefront of the dynamic world of retail, future innovation in the sector, and consumer protection.

“It is important that as an Association, we continue to adapt, modernise and lead to meet the future needs of our members, suppliers and consultants, and continues to serve as a trusted advocate and resource for retailers, promoting best practice and fostering industry growth.”

The news comes following a campaign launched by the Direct Selling Association earlier this year calling for greater adoption of industry best practice amidst the current surge in Direct-to-Consumer retail.

Susannah Schofield OBE concludes: “We believe that the Direct-to-Consumer model has an exciting future, and we are excited to embark on this journey alongside our members. Together, we will continue to drive innovation, empower entrepreneurs, and shape the future of retail.”

Membership of the Direct Selling Association is only granted to companies which have satisfactorily undergone a full audit process. By applying to join the Direct Selling Association, a company is proactively demonstrating its commitment to the higher standards of processes and business practices required of Direct Selling Association members compared to non-members.