The Nokia Digital Automation Cloud application platform will help the AMRC solve complex industrial and manufacturing challenges

Warwick, UK, 27 April 2022 – Telent has provided its 5G Private Network services to the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) and helped deliver consistent wireless coverage, high bandwidth and low latency for greater levels of operational efficiency.

The high-performing Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (NDAC) application platform that underpins Telent’s 5G Private Network services creates an on-premises 5G network dedicated to the AMRC, providing coverage across the entire AMRC North West facility. The AMRC deemed the NDAC solution the most advanced 5G technology solution on the market to address its complex needs and help it to improve manufacturing safety, reduce defects, wastage and quality issues and enable near instant analysis of data remotely.

“The 5G Private Network project for the AMRC is another example of Telent’s expertise of designing, building, supporting and managing mission-critical networks for its customers. Telent’s 5G Private Network services deliver high capacity, high-speed and secure connectivity with ultra-low latency,” said Telent CTO Gerard Donohue. “The AMRC will benefit from the availability of licensed, yet low-cost spectrum allocations, with the solution using 5G wireless access points that provide a greater coverage area than alternative on-premises wireless solutions, such as Wi-Fi.”

This wireless solution allows the AMRC to enhance the use and enable greater control of fixed arm and mobile robots, as well as Computer numerical control (CNC) machines used in advanced manufacturing of aerospace components. Telent provided the initial guidance and support to help the AMRC fully utilise the newfound capabilities at its disposal. This continued throughout the project, with Telent implementing the full turnkey installation, configuration, commissioning and system integration with the AMRC’s existing infrastructure.

The AMRC can now leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) analysis and process the data online from devices and sensors in real-time, while machines continue to operate in a live environment. With enhanced data processing capabilities, the AMRC team can now undertake virtual testing and qualify products while they are being built.

“The 5G Private Network is the de facto technology that provides the AMRC with consistent wireless coverage, high bandwidth and low latency for greater levels of operational efficiency. This allows for state-of-the-art technology solutions to be leveraged for process control and automation,” AMRC North West Head of Digital Technology Dr. Aparajithan Sivanathan said. “By working alongside Telent on this project, we now have access to reliable, unfailing connectivity and the knowledge to fully leverage this newfound capability and help our customers prosper in the new age of Industry 4.0.”

With high-speed, highly secure connectivity supporting a range of applications from Internet of Things (IoT) to Push To Talk (PTT) and Push To Video (PTV) communications, the AMRC has access to greater efficiency, innovation and reduced operational costs now, and in the future.

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