Somers Forge has donated over a 1,000 bottles of hand sanitisers to secondary schools in Halesowen.

As a critical defence supplier, Somers Forge has stayed operational and continued to manufacture throughout the pandemic with measures in place, despite the challenges this has created for not only the critical manufacturing sector, but also for the next generation’s education.

A spokesperson explained why the company chose to donate:

“Recognising the high case numbers, the company has donated over 1,000 hand sanitisers to local secondary schools to ensure we do our bit for the local community we operate in.”

The company is also keen to work with schools to encourage more students to look at STEM careers.  The spokesman continued:

“One of the schools included Windsor High School who Somers Forge had previously teamed up with to take part in the STEM Project.

“The project included showing how Somers Forge are being environmentally friendly through investment in the latest technology.  Our goal is to boost students’ engagement in the key topics and show them future career options outside of a classroom.”