A former Midlands executive assistant who took voluntary redundancy is now helping hundreds of key business support staff overcome feeling ‘invisible and alone.’

Skevi Constantinou is the founder of worldwide support group, The PA Way, www.thepaway.co.uk, dubbed the ‘Assistanthood’ by its members.

Bringing opportunities to grow in confidence, gain exciting promotions, make more money and find life-long friends, The PA Way is now a multi-award-winning platform and is gaining acclaim from around the globe.

Skevi, who was once told she didn’t deserve a promotion because ‘she would die soon anyway’ due to an incurable underlying autoimmune condition, said too many assistants needed support from someone who understands the challenges they face. She has now made it her mission to help, through her innovative The PA Way community.

She has already signed up hundreds of people across 15 countries and is now expanding into Texas, her 18th US state. She says assistants who’d  felt invisible and alone seize an opportunity to access practical, confidence-boosting advice.

“I want to give people hope and a voice”, Skevi said.

“I have experienced bullying my entire life and want to ensure that others are able to have access to resources to support them and let them know they are not alone.

Skevi, 35, of Wednesfield, Wolverhampton, has grown The PA Way to welcome members known as ‘Loyal Royals’ across the globe. She’s now adding more countries to her list of locations, empowering business support professionals with practical, confidence-boosting support, resources and an online community.

She says: “The PA Way is a fresh perspective on the administrative and business support profession with people signing up to be treated ‘like a boss’ and experience the amazing events and platforms The PA Way has to offer.”

Members of The PA Way have clinched pay rises and promotions to creating new found friendships around the world. In less than three years, The PA Way has become a multi-award-winning professional lifestyle platform with members currently covering five continents.

Skevi attributes her success to an ‘unshakeable belief that the business support profession deserves recognition, reward and celebration.’

But she adds: “Through my mission and dedication for the profession, The PA Way started to gain traction and interest at a rapid rate, but with that, came the bullies.

“I was told that I was “just an assistant with a pipedream” and that “no one cares about your profession”

Skevi, who grew up on Wolverhampton’s Ashmore Park estate to Cypriot parents who ran their own fish and chip shop, had previously dreamed of becoming a chef. She was forced to leave the profession after an accident involving a plummeting lift tore muscles in her upper body leaving her in constant pain. Though she was grateful for escaping with her life, she knew that her career would never be the same again.

“Sometimes things may not go to plan and that’s okay. I want assistants and business support professionals to know they have options to allow them to adapt, flourish and to not settle for anything less than they deserve”

“Together, we call our community the “Assistanthood”, she says.

“This is such an honest and hardworking profession that doesn’t get anywhere near the support, praise and recognition it deserves. The majority are people often working long hours, going above and beyond for salaries unreflective of the role.

The PA Way community has also raised over £1,000 for anti-bullying for The Princess Diana Award.

Skevi says “To be able to help this amazing organisation which empowers young people and delivers anti-bullying training is phenomenal. I can’t wait to do more! This is why I will continue to support anti-bullying alongside running The PA Way.”

The PA Way has scooped multiple awards and recognition including Woman Entrepreneur Magazine’s Most Influential Female Entrepreneur to Watch as well as running its own awards.