The Shrewsbury-based E-commerce and Digital Marketing specialist Fisheye, today announced that it had joined forces with Youwe, the full-service digital agency with offices in the Netherlands, UK, Nordics, Ukraine and Indonesia. The merger strengthens Youwe’s presence in the UK and adds to its existing capabilities in the UK, whilst enabling Fisheye to become a member of Youwe’s international family and part of its powerful full-service portfolio. This coming together will offer customers in the UK a complete package to support them in their digital growth and adds substantial local and technical expertise to Youwe’s team in the UK.

The UK, being Europe’s largest and most advanced digital market and a hub of constant technological innovation, has been one of Youwe’s priority markets since a previous acquisition. The merger will increase Youwe’s presence in the UK and allows Fisheye’s staff to join a family of over 300 specialists based all over the globe. Youwe has already successfully merged with a Leeds-based MarCom specialist company formerly known as Successflow in 2019, which rebranded to Youwe UK in 2020. The Fisheye merger marks the groups second exciting addition on UK soil. Both companies combined are proud to work for customers including Schneider Electric, Henry Schein, Outdoor Toys and David Nieper.

Together with strong partners including Magento (Adobe), Commercetools, Spryker, Marketo, Pimcore, Drupal, Alumio and the AI-platform Symson, Youwe is ready to offer value through future-proof solutions to businesses in the UK and across the globe.

“I am excited for Fisheye to become part of Youwe. This is a great opportunity for us to accelerate our ambitions to not only achieve our objective to provide online growth through continuous support & strategic development but to go beyond that and truly be part of a full-service digital agency.” Says Dave Mistry Pain, Founder & Director at Fisheye.

“With the addition of Fisheye, we are not only strengthening our footprint in the UK, but also expanding our Commerce and Marketing activities with a group of highly qualified and proven professionals. This helps us to position our cross solution offering much better, ” adds Rob Wiek, CEO of Youwe.

“I am excited to welcome our new colleagues from Fisheye. This is an incredibly valuable boost to our UK presence and will strengthen us locally and internationally as a digital agency with a full service portfolio,” says Steve Hulmes, Managing Director of Youwe UK.

The acquisition has been finalised in April 2022 and will be put into action immediately. Youwe and Fisheye are currently working to integrate operations in order to make the collaboration kick-off smoothly. The management of Fisheye will actively support Youwe in positioning its activities in the UK.

About Youwe

With ten locations in Europe, over 300 employees and a full-service portfolio, Youwe is one of the leading digital agencies in Europe. As a full-service digital agency, Youwe is a one-stop shop for companies that want to become and remain digital leaders. Youwe provides complex e-commerce and PIM-MDM solutions, including strategy concept design, implementation, and conversion. Youwe’s portfolio covers the entire digital domain, including strategy, design, e-commerce, online marketing, martech, data management, and system integration. Together with strong partners such as Adobe Commerce (Magento), Commercetools, Spryker, Marketo, Alumio, PimCore, Akeneo, Drupal and Dotdigital, we help companies to continue to grow in an environment that is constantly becoming more digital. We do this by optimiszing, predicting customer needs, designing processes based on data, disseminating relevant information and moving at the same speed as the rapid developments taking place in the digital world.

About Fisheye

Fisheye is an e-commerce design, development and marketing agency focused exclusively on delivering full-service premium Adobe Commerce (Magento) solutions as a certified partner since 2009.

Successful, commercial and with a UK team of over 30 e-commerce experts, we are fully committed to our essential role in providing commerce strategy, design, development, support and marketing, enabling the long-term success of each and every business we work with.

With our 13 years of e-commerce experience, extensive integration knowledge and technical partner network coupled with an unrivalled reputation that focuses heavily on accelerated commercial growth, Fisheye has become the go-to Adobe agency for rescue and recovery, ongoing continuous development and industry leading technical support.