The boss of a West Midlands-based shipping company has urged shoppers against panic buying ahead of Christmas. 

The call follows warnings from some retailers about potential shortages during the Christmas season because of delays at ports and the ongoing lorry driver shortage. 

Anton Gunter, managing director of Global Freight Services in Telford, warned that while a number of issues were currently affecting supply chains in the UK, panic buying would do more harm than good. 

“A combination of challenges such as Brexit, the Covid pandemic and ongoing driver shortages in the haulage sector are all contributing to delays at ports and longer delivery times for goods. This is on top of the normal delays we would see at some British ports around this time of year,” explained Anton. 

“However, we’ve seen what happens when people turn to panic buying — as with the recent fuel shortages — and we would certainly urge against shoppers stockpiling groceries and Christmas presents as this only leads to huge unnecessary supply and demand issues on a day-to-day basis. 

“Instead, it would be more prudent for people to plan, be prepared and manage expectations this Christmas season. 

“We know this might be difficult but as government ministers have pointed out, there will be more than enough gifts and food on the shelves for everybody. 

“If we all buy responsibly and carefully, then we can support each other this festive period. Also, let us not forget that there is an abundance of small, local independent businesses here in the West Midlands that are producing so many wonderful gifts. 

“We need to support these businesses this Christmas. After such a long and difficult period of trading, buying locally will help to restore our regional economy.” 

Global Freight Services has 25 years of experience supporting businesses to move goods around the globe.  

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