Shanky’s Whip Irish Whiskey Liqueur has completed a takeover of the mural wall in Digbeth in time for St Patrick’s Day celebrations on 17th March.

Shanky’s Whip is partnering with the Birmingham St Patrick’s Day parade, which returns in 2024 after a four-year hiatus. Shanky’s Whip is going big for the celebration, activating at a series of events taking place in the Pairc at the Parade festival village and The Old Crown pub in the week leading up to the 17th.

As part of this, the brand has unveiled a giant 15m x 7.3m street art mural, created by local graffiti artist Panda aka David Brown, on Gibb Street, visible across the city and a main landmark destination during the parade.

Encouraging festival-goers to have a happy ‘Shank Patrick’s Day’ with its hero Short and Stout serve, the brand – made in County Cavan, Ireland – is running promotional activities in shops and bars in the Digbeth area and along the parade route.

Selected stores will be stocking a new gift pack that includes a 700ml bottle of Shankys’ Whip with four high quality shot glasses etched with the logo and tagline.

Shanky’s Whip has also created its very own song to mark the occasion titled ‘I’m a Little Shanky’s, Short and Stout’ sung in the tune of the “I’m a Little Teapot” rhyme. It’s a fun play on the Short and Stout combination; a stout beer served alongside one of the Shanky’s Whip ‘little drinks’, which include an Iced Irish coffee, French Toast, The Nutter and Pineapple Upside Down Cake.

Tim Dunlop, European Commercial Director of Shanky’s Whip says: “Our goal is to bring people from across the city together to have a happy Shank Patrick’s Day with Shanky’s Whip as the drink of choice. As the day falls on a Sunday this year, there are sure to be celebrations all weekend so there are plenty of opportunities to try Shanky’s Whip for a true taste of Ireland.”

Shanky’s Whip’s 350ml (RRP: £15), 700ml (RRP: £25), 1 litre (RRP: £35) and 1.75 litre (RRP: £65) bottles are available now from selected stores in Birmingham, with the drinks being served in The Old Crown pub and at tents in the Pairc at the Parade festival village, and other venues across the city.

Watch how the installation came together here:

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