An artist who donated £5,000 to food charity FareShare after publishing two acclaimed graphic diaries chronicling the Covid pandemic, has handed over an early Christmas gift of another £2,500.

Inspired by Marcus Rashford, Vic Lee has pledged to give £10,000 in total to the charity from sales of his books – the Corona Diaries.

His latest donation was made on top of £5,000 he donated last year, raised through sales of his books, which were compared to the work of Samuel Pepys.

“This is my own money, not money raised but my way of giving back a little,” he said.

“From sales of both Corona Diaries, I pledged to give away £10,000 to help those in need. I am over half way through sales on the second book so, rather than wait, as we are so close to Christmas, I decided to give the first half. So far that’s £7,500.”

Award-winning Vic has worked on collaborations with the likes of McLaren, Nike, The Famous Grouse and, most recently, Pokémon. The Corona Diaries started as a personal project after, like many, his work halted in 2020.

The diaries feature stunning sketches recording all the key events of 2020, from Captain Tom Moore’s epic fundraising mission to Marcus Rashford’s campaign to extend free school meals.

Vic said he came from a working-class background, raised by his dad after his mum died when he was three, and seeing Marcus’s efforts made him want to give something back.

“I know what it’s like reigning in spending, looking for bargains, I still do, Dad taught me well,” he said.

“It just seemed the right thing to do, to give back. The money I gave last year supplied 20,000 meals, and this donation means another 10,000.”

Vic’s second Corona Diary is now half price at £25 and, if the remaining 800 copies sell, he will be able to donate the final £2,500.

Lindsay Boswell, FareShare’s CEO, said: “We are extremely grateful for Vic Lee’s personal generosity and continuing donations to FareShare. Vic grew up in a single parent household and knows from personal experience how tough it will be for many families, at this time of year, struggling to make ends meet.

“Every single penny from Vic’s donations to FareShare will go towards making sure as many families as possible get enough to eat across the UK this festive period.”

The Corona Diaries have been well-received and reviews have even compared them to the work of Britain’s most celebrated diarist, Samuel Pepys.

The first edition, published by Frances Lincoln, is available globally in book stores and online.

The second volume is available through