Sherbet Donkey Media are one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies to have surfaced in recent years. With only one year of business under their belt, they’ve accomplished what other agencies have taken 5-10 years to achieve.

Sherbet Donkey specialise in website design and development, quality content, PR, and SEO services. Their SEO clients have more than tripled in size since the company’s inception. This has resulted in an influx of job opportunities at Sherbet Donkey Media.
The Sherbet team began in May 2021 with only five staff members. Since then, they’ve expanded to twenty-five members of staff and they’re still recruiting. As the company reaches its one-year anniversary, there’s a lot to celebrate.

Due to the company’s fast growth, they are predicted to be the largest agency in Worcestershire, serving clients across the UK.

The influx of staff meant more space was required for the Sherbet team to expand, and in December of 2021 they moved into a bigger premises, their official Head Quarters in Worcestershire: Sherbet House. Their new location has provided unique job opportunities in the marketing industry.

“I’ve been in other creative roles; it’s been impossible to break into a writing career due to the limited opportunities locally”. Alex stated, Sherbet’s newest content writer.

A writing position generally requires years of experience, even for a junior position, creating limited and inaccessible job prospects.

Unlike most companies, Sherbet Donkey aim to utilise the youthfulness of the local community and offer the opportunity to employ graduates and young people trying to break into marketing professions and begin their careers.

Alex continued, “While I began at Sherbet in an admin position, I expressed my interest in writing and within a month I was part of the content team. Sherbet Donkey gave me a chance to use my skillset and my passion, and I’m thankful to be in a creative role that I love.”

Sherbet Donkey’s philosophy is ‘our people are our brand’, reflected not only by it being written on their office walls, but also in the opportunities they provide to their staff and the honest relationships they form with their clients.

Co-Founder Loki added, “Our aim for the next 12 months is to continue making noise in the industry; we want to continue to grow our departments and employ talented individuals, keen to start their careers and deliver exceptional results for our clients.”

With so much achieved within just one year, Sherbet Donkey Media are always looking ahead to their future.

Loki finishes, “In our second year of business we are aiming to turnover £2million, continue to leave our mark on the industry and hopefully start working with larger, industry leading brands.”