A support service focused on a hidden form of abuse has been awarded a grant to help marginalised women in Birmingham.

PEGS, a social enterprise focused on Child to Parent Abuse, will be given £3,700 from the Stronger Communities Commonwealth Games Legacy Fund – which is being overseen by Birmingham Voluntary Service Council and Birmingham City Council.

The team will use the funding to support parents, carers and guardians who are experiencing abusive or violent behaviour from their child (of any age, including adult offspring).

Michelle John, founding director of PEGS, said: “We want to champion these individuals to become more empowered to speak out, and to share their journeys with others in the community, which in turn can help their peers.

“We want to give them an opportunity to feel supported, heard and encouraged by their community, and to feel safe and included regardless of their experiences.

“Giving the voiceless a voice is incredibly powerful, and this can be achieved by working with them to understand their barriers and decrease the exclusion they may be feeling in their community.”

The aim of the fund is to deliver activities that support women who are struggling to integrate and be fully engaged in their local communities; that address barriers to participation for women who are digitally excluded; and that provide them with a platform to strengthen their English-speaking skills in a safe setting.

PEGS will use the grant to deliver virtual drop-in sessions and peer support opportunities for those within the identified marginalised groups who are experiencing CPA, which is thought to impact in excess of 3% of UK households.

Abuse can be physical, emotional, financial, and cause problems with isolation, employment, accessing support and all aspects of family life.

Michelle set up PEGS because of her own lived experience – the social enterprise supports parents, trains professionals, consults on national and regional policy, and raises awareness.

Visit www.pegsupport.co.uk or search PEGS Support on social media for more information about the organisation.