Families, colleagues, and senior officials from throughout the UK will join a small congregation to honour police officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice protecting and serving their communities.

The service will be streamed live on the NPMD website and a pre-recorded video including highlights of the live event will be released at 1600 on 26 September.

Although we cannot all gather in Lincoln, we will be encouraging all police forces in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to hold a unified Act of Remembrance at 11am, on Monday 27 September.

National Police Chaplain, Reverend Canon David Wilbraham MBE will lead the service which will be attended by family members, police officers and government officials.

During the service, Mrs Thelma Corkey BEM, Mrs Annie Coker and Mr Darryl Codling will lead prayers:

Mrs Thelma Corkey BEM

Thelma is the widow of Reserve Constable Snowdon Corkey, who was shot by a terrorist in 1982.  She is the Chair of the RUCGC Widows Association.  

Mrs Annie Coker

Annie is the widow of Detective Constable John Raymond Coker, who died from Covid 19 on 17 April 2020. 

Mr Darryl Codling

Darryl is the son of Inspector Ray Codling, who was fatally shot at Birch Motorway Services on 14 September 1989.

Candles will be lit by the following representatives:

Representing England

Jayne Clemson, daughter of Constable Ray Davenport, 35 years, Merseyside Police, who died 4 July 1981 sustained fatal injuries having been dragged along the road by a stolen vehicle.

Representing Northern Ireland

Andrea Brown, daughter of RUC Sgt. Eric Brown, 40 years, Royal Ulster Constabulary George Cross, fatally shot by terrorist gunmen on 6 January 1983.

Representing Wales

Rhianydd Gardiner, great niece of Police Constable Noel Alexander, 34 years, who died on 16 September 1964 as a result of injuries sustained while taking part in an exercise with the Police Mobile Training Column.

Representing Scotland

Faye Buggins, widow of Police Constable Roy Buggins, 52 years, Police Scotland who collapsed and died whilst on duty in Montrose on 3 September 2019.

The Rt. Hon. Home Secretary will give a reading during the service and Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney, Hampshire Constabulary, will give the address.