Leading affordable homes developer, Morro Partnerships, formerly Jessups, has built a groundbreaking partnership with waste management experts, Bakers Environmental Solutions, to revolutionise sustainability practices in the construction industry.

With a legacy spanning over 30 years, Morro rebranded itself just eight months ago, embarking on a mission to redefine the norms of property development through sustainability. The company is driven by Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles and operates 15-20 construction sites across the Midlands region assisting over 3,000 families per year into homes.

The collaboration between Morro and Bakers has emerged from a shared vision of challenging industry norms and driving positive change. Bakers recognised Morro’s ambition to integrate sustainable practices into their operations and quickly identified how they could help them on this journey.

This proactive approach has resulted in significant improvements. The company has achieved a 90% on-site recycling rate and aspirations to attain full on-site recycling. A comparison between the first quarters of 2023 and 2024 reveals a 15% surge in on-site recycling.

Additionally, over £100,000 was saved last year by recycling on-site rather than ordering all general waste skips.

Surplus materials are also being redirected to support rehabilitation programs like the InsideOut Academy and to create assets for new developments, such as planters and benches.

The partnership has also halved the skips required per plot, lowering the level of movement required.

Paul Baker, Owner of Bakers Environmental Solutions, explained:

“We’re proud to support Morro in their journey towards sustainability. Bringing on any new partner is great, but one that also shares our vision for the industry means we can do something exceptional together. By implementing green initiatives and fostering a culture of environmental responsibility, together we’re setting new standards for the construction industry.”

Key initiatives have been introduced through the partnership, including creating “Greenkeepers,” a program led by site managers to monitor and improve environmental performance. New community notice boards have also been installed at each site to promote transparency and stakeholder engagement.

Matthew Moore, CEO at Morro Partnerships, added:

“At Morro, we believe in building a better tomorrow for our residents and the environment. To achieve this, we put a lot of thought and care into our plans and aligning our values with our partners. Our partnership with Bakers is a clear example of this. We share a common goal, and Together, we’re not just building homes; we’re building sustainable communities for the future.”

Furthermore, Morro and Bakers are exploring opportunities to engage with the local community through initiatives like the Release on Temporary License (ROTL) scheme, where prisoners will be temporarily released to work alongside Morro across their developments and gain valuable skills for their resettlement into society on their release.

Looking ahead, both companies remain committed to advancing their sustainability agenda and fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration. With digital reporting and data analysis at the forefront, the partnership aims to drive continuous improvement and set new industry benchmarks.