Men suffering from isolation or loneliness are being offered a lifeline through a new online support network being launched in the new year.

New Let’s Get Men Talking sessions are being organised by the SNJ Charitable Trust, based in Wolverhampton, to offer a social outlet to men who may be suffering in silence.

The sessions will be held weekly from Tuesday, January 25, and men are being encouraged to sign up now.

SNJ already hosts online Chat and Chai social sessions for women which have proved hugely popular after starting during lockdown. Women from as far afield as Scotland, St Albans and London now regularly join in those sessions.

SNJ founder and chief executive Neena Julka said now it was time to reach out to men, who may have been left isolated during the pandemic and need a social outlet.

“It’s just so difficult for men and boys to open up and share,” said Neena.

“But they are suffering in the same way as anyone else. These sessions will be run by men for men of any age.

“We know of men who can’t get out and about, they may be looking after spouses and they can’t socialise.

“This will give them a support network and someone to talk to. If they are not tech-savvy we can provide training to help with that.”

Neena said three men were now being trained up to run the sessions.

SNJ, based in the Lakshmi Sweets and Restaurant building on Dudley Road, Blakenhall, was set up with the aim to improve the lives of people in both the UK and India.

Anyone interested in joining the new sessions can call 07823 891071.

To find out more about the work of SNJ, visit