The sports coaching business has already bolstered its team to six team members

AMBITION Sports Coaching Ltd, a Sports Coaching business with a focus on Special Educational Needs and Mental Health within Leicestershire has enjoyed meteoric growth just six months after it was founded by 21-year-old, Laura Till.

The business started providing sports coaching services in August 2021 with one employee and one client – a primary school in Leicester.

After previously suffering from poor mental health, alongside working with SEN children in a previous role, Laura decided to start her business following her life-threatening car accident.

Realising that life is too short to not follow your dreams, Laura put all her efforts into establishing AMBITION, with the aim of promoting positive mental health through exercise.

The decision to set up AMBITION came at a time where demand for children’s mental health services is at an all-time high following the release of a government report detailing that referrals to child mental health services have reached record highs within NHS England. *

Following an influx of interest, AMBITION is now working with five schools across the Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire areas and hopes to expand into the Derbyshire and Yorkshire counties over the coming months.

As a result of the expansion, the business has had to bolster its team, recently taking on five new team members.

Founder and Director, Laura Till, credits the dramatic progression of the business to the Coronavirus pandemic, claiming that schools are now more aware of and interested in promoting positive mental health and wellbeing among pupils.

Laura said: “I graduated from university in November 2021, so I was still in education myself until recently.

“I previously suffered from bad mental health – the support system at uni was great, but it was definitely more meaningful and supportive post-covid.

“I think a lot of people really suffered from being stuck inside. I ran outdoor dance sessions for my neighbours to keep people active and motivated in the lockdowns, but many people didn’t get the chance to do something like that.

“Kids especially have been impacted massively by the lockdowns, with their social and cogitative development being affected.

“We are focussing on trying to get these kids back to some sort of normality, through sports and fun games.

“I really wasn’t expecting the demand that we have seen for AMBITION’s services, but I am so pleased with the progress we’ve made as a team so far, and I can’t wait to see what the future brings.”