Leamington-based full service marketing agency Palmer Hargreaves has expanded its digital capabilities following a duo of hires specialising in SEO and digital marketing.

The move comes following a trend from clients looking to move traditional events and marketing campaigns online as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. According to the agency, businesses in all sectors are increasingly looking for new and innovative ways to engage their audiences through digital marketing focused on every stage of the customer journey.

To bolster the agency’s skills and experience in this field, Palmer Hargreaves has appointed Marta Sainz to the role of Digital Manager. Sainz offers skills in all things digital and SEO with a focus on implementing seamless online strategies and maximising website traffic and conversion. She explained, “I am currently learning as much as I can about our clients’ specific needs and look forward to supporting their output with tailored SEO strategies and comprehensive training, so they too can understand the best approach for digitally-optimised marketing campaigns.”

Sainz has been joined by Miriam Sciascia, who joins the team as an Account Manager. The native Italian retains over 8-years of experience in international project management, leading online and offline campaigns and events.

Palmer Hargreaves has also continued to expand its customer base throughout the past few months, taking a dynamic approach to marketing and working closely with clients across the mobility sector to help them refocus marketing campaigns and reach new audiences in novel ways. This has included more collaborative work with the company’s international offices in Germany, China and Brazil, something made possible by this new emphasis on digital communication.

Managing Director in the UK, Mark Dale, commented: “It’s been challenging times for everyone, but to see our business constantly evolving and growing in all sorts of directions is really encouraging. Virtual pitches, meetings and international collaborations are now customary and alongside this we’ve thrown ourselves into the digital sphere with our clients, constantly assessing ways to bring more of their business online too. As a result we’re all benefitting and the new additions to the team will only enhance this.”