The economy of Birmingham was severely hit due to the pandemic and lockdown. Businesses faced huge losses during this period of uncertainty.

But with the due course of time, things are getting back on track, and the markets are opening slowly and getting the region’s economy back to normal. The boom in the economy has also led to an increase in the number of jobs in Birmingham. Below is more information provided regarding the improving market conditions.

Economic Growth

The economic growth of the entire UK faced a significant setback due to the pandemic. However, despite various challenges, the economy of Birmingham is getting back on track in the current year. Even the reports suggest that Birmingham will be one of the ten fastest-growing cities that will recover from the loss that occurred due to the lockdown. It is estimated that Birmingham will rise from 17th position in quarter 4 of 2020 to the 9th position in the 2nd quarter of 2021 with 7.1% GVA growth.

As Birmingham’s broader region is going to benefit from the increasing economy, the speed of recruitment will also increase proportionally. Although, the work-from-home culture will still be a trend for a long time due to its benefits. Never the less, the companies will try to boost the initiatives to make people prefer the physical job options as the rise in the economy means the need for more workers.

Vet Jobs Booming in The West Midlands

During the UK lockdown, the craze of keeping pets has increased manifolds. The pet boom in West Midlands increased the demand for vets and animal health caretakers. It was so sudden that the scope of Birmingham veterinary jobs saw a massive rise. The West Midlands economy will also depend on the veterinary sector in the future as the higher the levels of recruitment the more revenue it generates for the region.

The need for vets in practice has led people of other professions to change their jobs. A large number of other professionals are shifting to part-time vet job roles. They are trying to grab the chance to make some extra money. Even the public sector has doubled its recruitment drives to employ more and more vets. The vacancy count has a considerable percentage increase of 24% compared to last year.

UK Companies Building HR Departments

Online job advertisements have increased about 127% recently compared to last year’s average. The COVID19 outbreak and lockdown is the reason behind this. As the lockdown restrictions are decreasing, the organisations are trying to boost up the recruitment process. Every business needs more workforce now because markets are opening on a large scale, and industries need to provide improved customer service.

Therefore, businesses have started recruiting more Birmingham HR professionals, as more small businesses are now creating HR departments to handle both the recruitment process and also managing the new world of hybrid working. Long unjustly perceived as ‘the people who manage hiring, firing and staff holiday’, the role of human resources is becoming far more intense but also more valued by employers, with  increased responsibilities and increasing input at board level.