HMM Ltd Breaks Ground in Fenton with Unitas Property Conversion Project

HMM Ltd, a leading mechanical and building service provider is pleased to announce its successful bid for the Jesse Austin Avenue property conversion project in Fenton, Stoke on Trent. The project, commissioned by Unitas, involves the conversion of two 3-bedroom dwellings into one spacious 6-bedroom home, aligning with local housing needs.

Unitas sought a single contractor for the comprehensive conversion, encompassing general building works, heating & plumbing installations, including a new kitchen, and layout changes. The project, set to commence on February 26th, is slated for completion by the end of May.

“We are thrilled to have been awarded the tender for the Jesse Austin Avenue property conversion project,” said Tim Harrington, HMM Site Manager. “Our success in securing this project is a testament to our extensive experience, meticulous tender bid, and commitment to safety and quality.”

HMM Ltd plans to approach the conversion with a focus on efficiency and precision, leveraging its team’s expertise in property conversions and adherence to Unitas’ stringent safety policies. Tim said: “All our staff undergo comprehensive inductions, familiarising them with site-specific requirements, health and safety protocols, and environmental considerations. This will ensure compliance with safety regulations, minimise risks and keep disruption to locals, to a minimum.”

The company will undertake a comprehensive range of building and heating/plumbing works, ensuring the result meets both aesthetic and functional requirements.

“We understand the importance of delivering high-quality outcomes within specified timelines and budgets,” added Tim. “Our team is fully prepared to ensure the project progresses smoothly while upholding the highest standards of craftsmanship expected by Unitas and the end-user.”

Upon completion, the Jesse Austin Avenue property conversion project is expected to provide a modern, spacious dwelling that is fit for purpose and integrates with the surrounding neighbourhood. HMM Ltd remains committed to sustainability, exploring opportunities to incorporate eco-friendly practices throughout the project.

“We adhere to strict waste management practices, ensuring the proper removal and disposal of waste materials. Our team follows all applicable regulations and guidelines, utilising licensed waste carriers and recycling facilities whenever possible to promote sustainability,” remarked Tim. “We are excited to collaborate closely with Unitas to deliver a successful outcome that exceeds expectations.”

The collaborative process between HMM Ltd and Unitas has been characterised by open communication and alignment of project objectives. The awarding of this tender further enhances HMM Ltd’s reputation within the industry, positioning the company for continued success in securing similar projects in the future.