A new programme for small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) to understand how to do responsible business has launched.

The charity Heart of the City has been supporting SMEs in London to get started with responsible business for 21 years, and for the first time SMEs from across the UK can take part.

The programme, Foundations for Responsible Business, brings together SMEs to develop responsible business activities, making their business a force for good. Focusing on the areas of environment, people, community and overall approach, SMEs will learn from bigger businesses and peers through live workshops, webinars, online resources and insight sessions from responsible business experts.

Heart of the City Director, Maggie Berry OBE, said:

“At Heart of the City we’re so proud to have been helping SMEs across London for over 20 years.”

“And we’re thrilled to be taking our programme across the UK for the first time. Our brand new online learning platform will help us to support SMEs from across the country. We can’t wait to help even more SMEs make responsible business a meaningful part of their business.”

“We know from working with over 1,000 businesses that small businesses can find the idea of responsible business overwhelming. Without big teams and budgets, it can feel daunting. But our Foundations for Responsible Business programme makes being a force for good accessible to all SMEs.”

Heart of the City is supported by some of the UK’s biggest businesses, including Deloitte, Nando’s and Sky. Experts in all areas of responsible business volunteer their time to talk at events, guiding those who work at smaller businesses through their responsible business journeys.

Micro, small and medium sized businesses based anywhere in the UK can now join the Heart of the City Foundations for Responsible Business Programme. Costs start from £950 annually and are based on the business size.

People can find out more information and sign up here: https://theheartofthecity.com/membership/foundation-programme/