A Worcester-based PR and Performance Marketing agency has more than doubled in size during the pandemic, both within its team and portfolio of clients.

Since the end of last year, Nifty Communications has recruited five new managers to drive its digital, PR, social media and business development departments.

Specialising in both consumer and trade communications, the agency has won new business in a range of sectors, including sports, eye-care, food and drink, fashion, crisis management, construction and cosmetics since March 2021.

Founder and CEO, Christian Collison, who launched the company in 2018, said: ‘In an industry that’s been hit hard by the pandemic, we’re delighted to have continued our projected growth plan in our third year.

‘The wealth of new clients we are now working with is a testament to the team and the strategy we use, which we call the Niftyverse. This communications model can be applied to any service and sector to drive leads and engagement and we’re really proud of our new team members who have seamlessly adopted our processes and practices. Now we’re looking for the next generation of marketing professionals to join our team.’

A former sports media professional, who spent eight years in top-flight football, including managing Champions-League winning media campaigns with Chelsea Football Club before moving into motorsports, Collison wants Nifty Communications to be recognised as the UK’s leading marketing and communications agency by 2025.

‘We’re delighted to be in a position to bring on more young, innovative professionals because we have big plans for Nifty Communications. We want to continue this momentum to make signification strides into the sports, e-commerce and food and drink sectors.

‘One of our USPs is our ability to monetise content, an area which has seen huge growth as sports organisations turn to digital in their hopes of filling the void left by lack of gate receipts.
‘We can help these organisations turn their content into new, sustainable revenue streams which is a massive help to clubs, organisations and rights holders who have felt the immediate impact on cash-flow brought about by the pandemic.’

Noticeable client wins for Nifty include Advance Opthalmic Software, DropZone Brewery, MA-Change, FORmE Clothing and Cosmetic Couture.

For more information about Nifty Communications please visit www.niftycomms.com.