Leicestershire based employee screening company, Due Diligence Checking (DDC) announces a significant technological milestone, by launching its digital identity app, DDC ID. Below is DDC’s statement regarding their achievement.

Due Diligence Checking Ltd (DDC) is proud to announce the release of our newest service; digital identity verification, using our application ‘DDC ID’. This mobile app will streamline DBS and right to work checks. Right to work checks have been a requirement for UK businesses for quite some time now, and many businesses and charities use criminal record checks, as part of safer recruitment processes. Clients can use the app for both types of check, in one seamless journey. As a professional background screening organisation, operating since 2002, this strengthens our ability to offer a fully outsourced solution to clients.

The project started in 2021 with a clear vision to transform our identity verification process. The business has always championed a platform that puts client’s needs at the forefront of development. Users will benefit from streamlined processes, and a faster onboarding journey for new recruits. As this is our own purpose-built service, there is no need to use third-party apps or have processing done outside of the secure data eco system.

Technological advancements in identity validation software and mobile devices have allowed DDC to enhance security in the screening process, whilst also reducing the resource required by clients. After multiple rounds of development and testing, the solution now supports businesses with compliance and legal responsibilities when recruiting new staff or volunteers.
Matt Tuckey, Director at DDC said:

“We finally did it. It has been a while coming but our in-house experts have delivered a real solution to a complex challenge. Digital identity verification was spurred on by covid, and it is now fantastic to see it functioning. Clients are already seeing the benefit of reducing candidate start times by over a week, not to mention a reduction in resources needed.”

DDC’s digital identity solution makes onboarding easier and faster for employees and applicants. The pre-employment checking processes are now more accessible to remote workers and can be completed from the comfort of their own home.

DDC offers benefits such as quick and free set-up, support and advice from our expert team and a bespoke online platform to suit the needs of every client.
For more information on DDC’s services and online pre-employment screening platform, visit our website here: https://www.ddc.uk.net/