A new dynamic duo has boosted the customer experience team at Vulcan Works.

Customer experience assistants Sian Wright and Lulu Barber have joined the fold at the popular Northampton workspace.

The pair are the first faces that visitors and customers will meet at the centre, which offers office rental, coworking spaces, meeting rooms and business support opportunities.

Sian, who previously ran a café and similar retail businesses, also manages the social media and website for Vulcan Works.

She said: “Vulcan Works is nothing like anything anyone has ever seen before in Northampton. Rather than gutting it from its originality and making it a standard retail space, the renovations stuck to the heart of what it was as the ironworks.

“I think the fact that it is original and independent is what draws people in. It’s a calm, inviting workspace and there’s lots of room for collaboration.”

Lulu, who previously worked in big brand retail before joining the team, agrees.

She said: “I fell in love with Vulcan Works as a business and instantly could see myself working here. It’s an incredible environment.

“The main thing that stands out for me is the sense of community and you can become a part of that community straight away, whatever industry you’re in or wherever you have come from, which is really special.”

“I love what Vulcan Works stands for and I can really see myself growing with the centre.”

Vulcan Works champions collaborative working in a vibrant environment, suitable for ambitious entrepreneurs.

The unrivalled business support services it offers are designed to supercharge the passions of visionary SMEs and the team work hard behind the scenes to ensure that visitors and tenants feel warmth and welcome in the space.

Vulcan Works centre manager Garrick Hurter said: “It has been a pleasure to welcome Sian and Lulu to Vulcan Works. Already they have been a great addition to the team with their fantastic customer service skills and we look forward to seeing them progress here.”

To find out more about the services available at Vulcan Works or request a show around, email [email protected] or visit vulcanworks.co.uk.