Three years after accountancy group DJH Mitten Clarke launched, they have announced that they have rebranded to DJH.

The DJH Mitten Clarke name reflected the merger of two respected firms coming together as Stoke-on-Trent’s leading practice in 2021.

Within the last three years, the top 50 firm has ambitiously grown, with nine acquisitions of practices across the Midlands, North-West and Yorkshire. They have also continued to invest in their team and have developed new service lines, to transform the business.

Scott Heath, Chief Executive Officer said, “After the journey we’ve been on, the DJH Mitten Clarke name is recognised with our clients and in the industry. But naturally, it always seems to be abbreviated to DJH. So that’s why we’ve now taken the decision to simply become, DJH.

“After listening to feedback from our clients and others across the industry, it was clear that our name was far too long. But after three years building the brand, we didn’t want to throw it out completely, so shortening our name to DJH was a natural step.”

The rebrand represents a bold step towards solidifying the top 50 accountancy group’s position in the industry.