Digital Glue has launched cost effective website design and promises delivery in just one month. Having a strong online presence is crucial for start-up businesses to establish credibility with investors and attract customers. Digital Glue has launched a solution; brochure websites delivered in just one month, and all for an affordable price of £3,000.

Having worked alongside Midven and FundingHero, Digital Glue has the track record of supporting startups and scaleups in the West Midlands. Startups face a huge number of challenges. Limited budgets and tight timelines constrict their ability to attract and communicate with their customers and potential investors when it comes to fundraising.

“Our fluff-free website design for startups is specifically designed to offer a cost-effective and efficient solution to their web development needs,” said Javan Bramhall, Founder of Digital Glue. “We understand the importance of having a professional website that reflects the brand identity and values of a start-up.”

  • Key features of Digital Glue’s Fluff-Free Website Design for Start-Ups include:
  • Messaging and positioning session with a startup marketing expert
  • Fully functional WordPress website
  • Up to 5 pages
  • Implementation of brand identity
  • SEO review and planning
  • Integration of existing site content
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Integration with CRM, social media, and external sites

The process is simple and straightforward. Start-up clients will attend a half-day kick-off session, provide brand assets and website content, review the designs, and give final approval before the site goes live. Digital Glue guarantees delivery within one month, with a maximum capacity of five websites per month.

In addition to the standard website package, Digital Glue offers optional add-ons such as copywriting, branding, and ideal client development, allowing start-ups to customise their web solutions according to their specific requirements.

To learn more about Digital Glue’s website design for startups and to book a slot for April, visit the website or contact Javan Bramhall at [email protected].