This month, a Shropshire-based Language Mastery training and coaching company is celebrating two years in business.

Founded by Felicity Wingrove (Fliss), one of the UK’s leading experts in the applied psychology of language, The Ultimate Advantage focuses on the science and art of truly compelling communications, and supports CEOs, C-Suite Execs, and Boards across the globe to become their most empowered, magnetic, and inspiring selves.

Fliss said: “Time flies when you’re having fun! Directors, Rhiannon Williams and Alan S. Adams, and I have certainly been busy – delivering sessions, hosting discussions, and guest-starring on podcasts (the list goes on…). But we’re still just scratching the surface of all the exciting plans that we have scoped for the business.

“But, that’s not to say we haven’t been involved in some pretty fantastic projects already. Helping organisations adopt truly compelling communications – able to recognise filters and biases in themselves and others, bring a conscious awareness to the language they use, and take responsibility for how their messaging lands.

“Plus, we’ve worked with teams to share how they can stand in their authentic power, set (and maintain) boundaries, and make sure their voice is always heard – without ever having to raise it.

“And we’ve also had the privilege of enhancing the communication skills of the next generation of professionals. Delivering sessions to whole cohorts of students (from aged seven through to college level) allowing us to showcase the true power of language, in preparation for them to embark on the world of work.”

For over 20 years, Fliss has worked with businesses worldwide, providing PR and communications support – and 17 years ago established her own strategic PR agency, Zen Communications. They support companies with everything from crafting copy and preparing keynote speeches, through to reputation management and assisting with Boardroom disputes.

“The Ultimate Advantage was born out of a burning desire to take this further,” she added. “To dedicate even more time and resources to share these insights with even more businesses, organisations and individuals. To make the world of business a place where we can all be understood exactly as we intend; communicate with impact, integrity and influence; and bring a conscious awareness to our language.

“While we’re taking a moment to celebrate all we’ve achieved these past two years, we’re really excited that the next twelve months (and beyond) will see us jump head-first, and take all-things-language-mastery to the next level!”

Launched in March 2022, The Ultimate Advantage is on a mission to empower each and every client to communicate with impact, to own their part of the world, and to unapologetically and powerfully ‘command’ their stage – whether that’s a literal stage in front of 20,000 people, a Board Room with a dozen, or a meeting room with just two. They train individuals with the tools, tactics and mindset to make it all happen. To find out more, visit the website: