The dedication of Wayne Carlisle from Checkprint, part of the TALL Group of Companies based in Hinckley, was celebrated this week as he completed 25 years’ service with an astounding ‘no sick days’ for the entire duration!

Wayne joined the company back in 1995 – at a time when John Major was Prime Minister and Oasis was at number one with Wonder Wall. After spending nine years in the army, Wayne has worked his way up from maintenance engineer, to IT Manager and is now IT Director responsible for a team of 20.

Martin Ruda, Managing Director at the TALL Group of Companies, said: “ We value the experience of long-serving employees and know that this, along with their dedication, is the secret to our success. Wayne has been responsible for the delivery of high quality software solutions such as our Checkprint Solution, Bureau Services, and the patented fraud prevention tool ‘UCN Plus’® to our customers. It is a great pleasure to recognise staff for their dedication and I would like to congratulate him for all his hard work over the years. On a personal note, and mindful of Wayne’s services background, if ever one were in the trenches, Wayne is the man you would want next to you.”

Reflecting on the last 25 years, Wayne Carlisle, said: “I take great pride in my work and what I’ve accomplished. One of the highlights of the 25 years was when the company won the Queens Award for Innovation and I got to actually chat with the Queen at Buckingham Palace. I love to be hands-on and explore new challenges. I’ve been fortunate to have travelled the world with my job at Checkprint from France and Germany to Nigeria, Zanzibar and even LA and I’ve never had a day off sick. Long may it continue!”

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