CGI put businesses’ cyber security knowledge to the test in an exclusive, invite only event on May 10.

Chambers Wales South East, South West and Mid’s honorary patron Carwyn Jones joined a select group of Chamber members and Corporate Partners to take on the Cyber Escape experience in Cardiff Bay.

Carwyn Jones is joined by Chamber members and partners for CGI’s Cyber Escape experience

Cyber security is high on the agenda for many businesses since transitioning to remote and hybrid working models, as unprotected software and cloud applications become key targets for scams and attacks by cyber criminals.

CGI’s escape room-style experience has been developed to train, educate and engage with businesses to help them understand cyber security risks in a fun and interactive way.

Set inside a shipping container, the experience is currently touring the UK. Teams of up to five work together to find clues, problem solve and complete cyber related tasks to progress and successfully escape in the allotted time.

During their sessions, the Chamber’s members and Corporate Partners learned about protecting their privacy, creating strong passwords, navigating social media, physical security, and device and document handling.

Paul Slevin, President of Chambers Wales South East, South West and Mid, said: “We’d like to thank our Corporate Partner CGI for inviting us, our members and partners to challenge ourselves and learn valuable cyber security skills to help strengthen the Welsh business community’s resilience against potential attacks.”

Richard Holmes, Senior Vice President of Cyber Security for CGI in the UK, said: “Cyber security is vitally important for individuals and businesses across all sectors and industries. We all spend much of our personal and professional lives online, and it’s imperative everyone knows how to practice safe cyber techniques and can continue honing their existing skills. We hope this experience will offer people a real-world opportunity to learn and engage with safe cyber practices.”