Face the flames and walk over hot coals at the exhilarating Bridgnorth Firewalk, set to take place on Saturday, 24th February 2024, at the Bridgnorth Rugby Club.
This extraordinary challenge inspired by John’s Crew Fundraising Group, invites participants to experience an adrenaline rush while contributing to a special cause – finding a cure for brain tumours.

John Lilley, a man with dreams of retirement and a world cruise with his wife Alison, fell victim to glioblastoma (GBM) – the most aggressive and incurable type of brain cancer – in 2023.

In his blog documenting his journey, John expressed the urgent need for increased research funding and attention to bring hope rather than despair to those diagnosed with this devastating disease.

To honour John’s memory and continue his fight against brain tumours, his family established John’s Crew.

The Bridgnorth Firewalk serves as a unique fundraising event to build a lasting legacy for John and support the mission of Brain Tumour Research.

“Brain tumours kill more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancer, yet historically just 1% of the national spend on cancer research has been allocated to this devastating disease,” a warning raised by Brain Tumour Research.

The charity is dedicated to changing this statistic by campaigning for increased national investment in brain tumour research, aiming for £35 million per year.
Additionally, they actively fundraise to establish a network of seven sustainable Brain Tumour Research Centres of Excellence across the UK.

Participants in the Bridgnorth Firewalk will not only face a thrilling challenge but will also contribute to groundbreaking research and support those affected by brain tumours. Join with family and friends to conquer the coals and make a meaningful impact on Saturday, 24th February 2024, at the Bridgnorth Rugby Club.
For more information and to register for the Bridgnorth Firewalk, visit www.braintumourresearch.org/products/bridgnorth-fire-walk