A Birmingham-based private investigation firm has been recognised for its high standards of professionalism and continued commitment to quality.

Reveal PI announces today [01/06/2022] that its BS102000:2018 certification – which acknowledges standards for the conduct, management, staffing and operational accountability of investigative services – has been successfully renewed for another year by UKAS accredited Security Certification Body IQ Verify.

David Jones, chief executive of Reveal PI, commented:

“Since our launch in 2010 we have created a brand which is respected by clients for its quality of work and trusted for its professional integrity.

“Certification against recognised industry standards, such as BS102000:2018, provides an objective measure of investigative quality both internally and externally. When held alongside our membership of Professional Bodies including the Association of British Investigators, Institute of Professional Investigators and the World Association of Private Investigators – our clients are provided with the reassurance and confidence that our services meet and exceed best practice requirements.”

Headquartered in St Pauls Square, Reveal PI were originally certificated against BS102000:2018 by IQ Verify in April 2021.

Last month Reveal PI were re-audited by IQ Verify to confirm their ongoing compliance with this essential investigative standard.

Laurie Clarke, Certification Manager at IQ Verify says:

“We have watched Reveal PI expand, from its initial focus from matrimonial investigations into a more corporate dominated market that is primarily aimed to protect businesses against fraud, theft and employee misconduct.

“It is great to see investigation companies embrace recognised certification as a method to achieve external oversight, particularly in the absence of more formal sector regulation. Through exposing themselves to independent scrutiny by an accredited Body such as IQ Verify, Reveal PI can objectively demonstrate their continued commitment to excellence to new and existing clients alike.”

Reveal PI has worked for high-profile clients including the Department for Work and Pensions, Birmingham City Council and Premier League Football clubs. It has also supported a wide range of solicitors and legal firms by tracing individuals, serving legal documents and gaining crucial evidential footage.