Although it doesn’t make the headlines everyday now, the effects of Covid 19 are still being felt. In business, this dominates the focus, the drive, strategies and the budgeting for growth to return and surpass the economic levels of 2019.

Local company We Are The Missing Link has seen a change in shopping habits and positioned itself well to help businesses embrace and access a potentially larger customer base through e-commerce.

Director Trudy Macklin explains;-

“ Many more consumers have become savvy and much more comfortable with the idea of shopping safely and remotely using a PC, Mac or mobile device. However, a significant number of businesses were not ready for this change, in terms of providing an enjoyable, slick, reliable and safe online shopping experience. This is not a criticism – we didn’t see it coming – but it is now an opportunity that has arisen from an awful, global pandemic ”.

We Are The Missing Link Is a Herefordshire-based company providing highly specialised services that include design and build, integration, development, maintenance and protection of their clients online business presence. However, it is a focus on optimization and analytics, effective hosting and marketing decisions that will enable a business to grow their system – as growth returns.

Trudy Macklin continues;-

“ I suspect that this has created a one way street; if consumers are happier spending online now, they are unlikely to visit a supermarket or high street stores quite as often as they did. Most businesses that used to rely on selling a good proportion of their products or services face-to-face, must now consider how they can attract, retain and grow an audience ready to shop online ”.

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