A brand-new exhibition host to some of the world’s most iconic artists is due to take place at The Birmingham Contemporary Art Gallery on Friday 27 May.

Valued at over £500K, Art Vault: The Investors Collection is an exploration into high end art, offering art collectors a diverse yet eclectic mix of artwork available to purchase.

A combination of multiple art collectors’ portfolios, ranging from street art poster pieces to those which utilise advance scientific and artistic technologies, the collection will feature 45 artworks from some of the most talented creatives of our time.

From Murakami to Damien Hirst, contemporary futurism is at the forefront of the collection which plays host to the thought-provoking sculpture ‘I Know You Inside Out’ by Marilene Oliver. Aiming to redefine how we view the human body using technology, Oliver’s sculpture is a reconstruction of cyrosections of a convicted American murderer who donated his body to medical science.

Digital art will play a pivotal role in the exhibit, as the collection includes a selection of Non-Fungible Token’s (NFTs) from Damien Hirst, and Danny Cole. Collectors who purchase these artworks from the artists will obtain both the authentic digital NFT version and the original artwork.

Commenting on the upcoming exhibition, Albert Wallace, Director of The Birmingham Contemporary Gallery, said: “I’m absolutely delighted to be launching our brand-new exhibition, Art Vault: The Investors Collection here at The Birmingham Contemporary Art Gallery. The exhibit is a great opportunity for all art collectors, and I’m so pleased to be able to offer collectors, from Birmingham and beyond, the chance to acquire significant and unique artworks that are rare to find and special to own.”

Many of the pieces in the collection have been consciously designed to spark debate. Mauro Perchutti offers discourse on religion and cloning with an eye-catching, plastic crucifix sculpture featuring miniature jelly babies encased inside. Whilst Alastair Mackie’s mouse-skull sphere uses unconventional materials to create new contrasting narratives.

“I am certain that this collection will become a topic of great discussion in the region and will be a refreshing addition to the city’s vibrant and creative scene. This impressive combination of artworks will no doubt be of interest to many people, and I cannot wait to share it with them all,” Albert, continued.

The Art Vault: Investors Collection is on display at The Birmingham Contemporary Art Gallery from 28 May.